The App that pays you to shop!

Shopping online has never been this rewarding before. With Sh8pe Rewards, you are in charge! Not only does the app provide you with exclusive discounts and coupons previously reserved to Power Affiliates only, but it helps you capture a percentage of every transaction for yourself!

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For the first time in the history of e-commerce, regular shoppers can reap the same rewards and benefits as Power Affiliates. We are a platform built by Power Affiliates for burgeoning Power Affiliates (you, our member).

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Sh8pe Rewards delivers those benefits to you on a platter, by aggregating and curating thousands of paid and free merchant offers into one, universal mobile application and sister web site. From Amazon to Zappos, we cover every merchant and spending area while empowering our members with exclusive discounts along with unparalleled cashback opportunities.

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We make online shopping easy and convenient. For that reason, Sh8pe Rewards was developed as a cross-platform shopping application. Think of us as an “Uber for e-commerce”, with one core difference: we split the commissions we earn with you, our members.

You simply continue to buy from your preferred merchants, via your existing accounts – at the same or better price than by going direct – while sharing commissions historically reserved to Power Affiliates only. What's there to lose? There is no catch and nothing but upside!